Friday, January 29, 2016

Poetry - "In My Defense"

Oh, the great defenses!
How every word we say
can often be misinterpreted
by others' failures to

We are stating how we feel,
Owning how we feel,
Breathing how we feel,
and sometimes transforming
what we feel.

It falls on blocked ears.

And these days it is read more
by clouded eyes. 

It's sinister really, this game
this struggle,
and is power really the object?

I feel it's about expression,
and the impression
we give isn't the one they want.

The one they need,
the one they clamor for.

It's such a hardship to be that,
and not be this.

And not be boxed,
and not let our own flow stop.

­­But it's worth it.
It's always worth it.

Once the ink dries,
or when we can finally
hit the save button.

We are saved.
The poem is finished.
We are saved.