Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Poetry- "Back Again"

"Back Again"
by Jennifer Patino

Baggage unattended

steady blinks of blue to red

and back again

The heavy infants I carry

never to be born

but to grow and fester

Movement so slight

causing pain and burden;

the circumference of my being

A quiet child left alone

to wonder and ponder

nearly begging for an escape

A door unopened revealing

specks of light behind it

but not enough finances for cures

Medusa's crown grows heavier

in the summer months

when cool air is sparse

The snowflake memories

too distant

Same with stars, too far

Birdsong replaced by traffic,

foreign banter,

and occasional sirens

(although this time not for me)

Aside from a novel and a cup of tea

I am alone

counting dust and popcorn on the ceiling

They look like landscapes

Hills and streams

Terrain and lakes

I saw these things before

from the airplane window

lights on the wing blink blue to red

and back again

I long for the day I am back again