Friday, May 13, 2016

Poetry- "I Left the Door Unlocked"

"I Left the Door Unlocked"
by Jennifer Patino 

Deflated now am I

A choked back sob

An eternal wall of doubt

An old, twisted branch reaching

Forever reaching

Grasping at the cool night's air

Trying to remember

Desperately trying to forget

Touches mean malice now

Every solitary figure in the darkness steals

a part of me I thought you already took

Smiles are foreign

Trust ceases to exist

Numb now am I

Like you always were

I bathe in pretentiousness now

For that's all I was in your eyes

All I ever will be

Sun rises,

sun sets

That is all

The spaces in between don't mean anything


Mirrors scream at me

When did my skin became so grey?

When did my eyes become so empty?

Nothing lurks behind them anymore

Nothing brews beneath my tousled hair

I beg for me back

I pray

I plead

I wish you out of existence

But you and your damage are irreparable

And I thought I said goodbye to all this before

Never again an unlocked door

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