Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Poetry- "Beach Days"

Photo Courtesy of Tallulah & Hope

"Beach Days"
by Jennifer Patino

Beach days at least three times a week during the summers with my friends
True freedom after waiting so long
We wondered if the lifeguards noticed us
If anyone noticed us
If our brand new Target bikinis fit in with the older girls
Staring at the sky and feeling our skin bake as the sun beat down on us
Like a god infusing us with a power that would make us feel more attractive
And how quickly the sun would be doused by a cloud on overcast days
Whether on water or sand you noticed and grew colder as your vision adjusted to the change
   though no temperature drop occured
Your face would settle back in from squinting
Running to the water
Crystal clear spring always refreshing because it was always freezing compared to the air
The clouds part and the sun returns and we dance
Budding mermaids in a glittering sea of sacrifice

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