Saturday, October 15, 2016

Poetry - "To the Ground"

"To the Ground"
by Jennifer Patino

When I feel disconnected,
I head outside & stick
my ear to the ground.

I block out the city sound.

I close my eyes & picture
Mother Earth in full
regalia. She's dancing
to drumbeats deep within.

I hear the cries of my
people who protect
her veins. The prayers they
sing purify the poison
in her blood. The water
rushes in my head. It
crashes on my brain like
waves on rocks & I can
feel again.

I can feel the
the damp ground on my
face & the wind in
my hair.

I become a bird--

  ear & eye to
  the soil to get a closer
  look at my food source.

My life force. I let
Mother Earth cradle me
in her arms & I wrap
mine right back around
hers. The planet is a present
in danger. We must protect

The hills & plains
together echo with the
warnings of the warriors &
the winds of hope blow

Stay mighty like the mountains.
Stand tall like the trees.

We are all the Mother.
We are all her children.
Even you.
Even me.

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