Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Musings #1

Clio, muse of heroic poetry & history by Pierre Mignard

"These poems aren't hard to find
when I just describe what's
in my head. No need to
try for the grit. No need
to try to paint fiction.
Just pave the way with
prose. Poetry likes to pretend
it has rules so we never
run out of ways to break
them. They allow the poets
to feel sane and structured.
We want to feel accomplished
after spilling our guts
and that our souls are in
tact after we've bared
them to the reader and
then stuffed them back 
inside ourselves so we
can regurgitate it into
something new and
different over and over
again. So be gentle
with the poets. We 
beat ourselves to pulps
willingly enough already."

-Musings #1 

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