Friday, February 10, 2017

#FlashbackFriday - 3 Poems

I haven't done a #FlashbackFriday in a long time! So, here's three poems from my earlier works.
Be gentle. I was young & angsty. ;)

Have a great Friday everyone! Do good this weekend.


Still from Shanghai Express - 1932

Affair Ended

Face me
Turning, turning
I stare into your lying eyes
Your eyes that once spoke of

So go back to her,
Your curly haired girl
She needs you now
She needs to know
You cut the cord between

I'll kiss you now
Cold, hateful, and long
For the last time

Do not show that face again
For I cannot afford to die
A second time

April 16, 2002



Deeper and deeper
I feel I've become
Lower than miserable
Lower than numb
I've crashed but not
I'm still empty handed
And though I'm alive
   I am dead
Left with only nothing
   in my head

February 17, 2003



This album I borrowed,
From your collection, is beautiful
It takes me back to a time when
   tears weren't so painful
And pictures were memories I wanted
   on my wall

When rain on the rooftop was a 
   good thing
And questioning life wasn't worth
   questioning at all

Thoughts clouded by smoky haze
That could only come from the
Held in my hand
As I sit alone, outside
Surrounded by stars and empty
Feeling everything
And anticipating that which will
   never come

To the tune of these layered 
He's making love to his computer
With me in the next room
Eyes wide open
But mind half-dead

They say I'll be rewarded greatly
   in the end
But is one-sided love's journey
   worth the price of a 
Wounded heart?
Or will these sounds, and silences
Slowly tear me apart?

July 24, 2003

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