Friday, April 14, 2017

Poetry - "An Admission" #NaPoWriMo Day 14

Day 14:

An Admission
by Jennifer Patino

The twinkling of the chimes
curbs the loneliness
of a distant desert night
Willpower deserts me,
My strength crumbles,
And I am left abandoned by
the hooting owl

Shadows of bats soothe me
They are something tangible
in an invisible oppressor
They are a dark corner to cling to

The wind makes ghosts of the clothesline
I seep into the yellowing walls
of a fall out shelter
I've built out of tattered dreams
and resistance,
stretched out over a neon town,
covering me,
a barely recovered
survivor of so many storms

I whisper my guilt
to the vines
and they shiver
and beg me to silence
my pain

The once glossy stars have lost their shine,
And the air pressure shifts
as clicks signal incoming rain
The glass beads knock incessantly,
And I answer the sky with a glare

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