Friday, April 21, 2017

Poetry - "Carver" #NaPoWriMo Day 21

Day 21:

by Jennifer Patino

A carved flower,
you painted it with
techno, joked about
how wooden roses
didn't have prickly thorns
You prick, worse were
the deep rooted slivers
you left behind
I'm still digging them
out from time to time

The green of the bottles
littering my back porch
matched your eyes, I
told you so and you
still made it rain verdant
shards whenever you got
a rejection letter     Your
keyboard machine gun
kept me up because you
just had to backlash every one

This was your artistry,
I just “couldn't understand”,
and you're damn right
I didn't, couldn't, wouldn't
allow you to make me a canvas
for you to shatter with all
the faults of others
you blamed for your unhappiness,
to be displayed in your gallery
along with decades of resentment undressed

An accident was your
wake up call and
I wrapped your wounds
and let the wind take you
It was “better this way”,
you told everyone     I
held you back like a warden
I let you have that fantasy
to paint new landscapes from, as long
as your sawdust sentiments stayed far away from me

Author's Note: Optional Prompt Today: Something overheard

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