Saturday, April 29, 2017

Poetry - "GirlGlobe" #NaPoWriMo Day 29

Day 29:

Photo by Lee Miller

by Jennifer Patino

Globes of the past,
   the non-existent future
Reflections in mother's pearls,
   pastel, pretty, pink
Newborn baubles,
   fresh—prime for shucking
Defiled oysters,
   globs of grey matter
Placenta rose

Living things,
   we all wore living things
Glass was sand
   between toes
Glass stuck in soles
   of dancers' feet
Twirl into tomorrow
   despite the bleeding,
Despite the unwillingness to move on

Crystal orb memory,
   sharp, clear, dangling down an ancient, wrinkled neck
Blush-cheeked, deep cherry lips
   uplift, berate, and sing along every dawn to the radio
Scream, whisper, and shake
   you so you'll learn right
The gem didn't fall far from the crown,
   but it shattered all the same
Sweep the glitter under the rug