Sunday, April 30, 2017

Poetry - "Morning Joe" & "To Do" - I just can't let #NaPoWriMo go

Here's two bonus NaPoWriMo poems for the last day of National Poetry Month! Enjoy!

Morning Joe
by Jennifer Patino

I want to grind coffee,
brew it up,
boil it on the stove
the old school way

We have transcended
even, the art of
with our shelling out
of extra money to
just run to a corner
for a cup of processed

Extra points
for your
biodegradable sleeve
even though
it doesn't taste good
when you know who's
really winning
and losing
with every sip

So, I want
to go back
to a tin cup
hanging from
a nail on the wall
and drink my joe
like a well full
of gratitude


To Do
by Jennifer Patino

what to do
when I am too tuned
a space just beyond
where I can feel
I'm rooted?

a place where I'm breathing
and can smell
a musty sweater
under layers
of twilight perfume

the pen,
a pendulum,
a page long
parcel priming
me for a
prestigious publication
and I cut myself
on its jagged box edges

I am ribbon-wrapped
and I unravel
each little layer
of a veil
between worlds
that I can
still hear
no matter how loud
your conformity sounds


  1. I especially like Morning Joe. You captured the joy of a simple routine and wove some philosophical thoughts into, too. Nice job.