Saturday, April 8, 2017

Poetry - "Some Other" #NaPoWriMo Day 8

Day 8:

Some Other
by Jennifer Patino

I am an other one
“No, we'll take the other ones”
I was never an other one
when it counted

One after the other,
they'd all love each other
Talk with one another
but never to an other like me

Soon I was “some other”
   “some other race”
   “some other girl”
This some other world
was another one
I was an other one in

Eventually, I'll be another one too
Another old woman
alone after losing another one,
forgotten by everyone
“Not that flower, the other one”

Another one.
Right there with all the other ones.
Unmarked graves
because an other couldn't pay.

“Who are they?”

“Could be anyone”

Author's Note: I went with the optional prompt again today, to write a poem that relies on repetition. ( This poem has to do with the erasure of indigenous culture. If you're not aware, there's an ongoing genocide that continues to this day against tribes here in America and in other places around the world as well. I'm Ojibwe, Lake Superior Band. I can't tell you how many times I've had to hide that information. Or how many times I was told "Yeah, don't 'look' Indian" etc. And then the flip side, where people knew and called me all kinds of derogatory things. I've seen "Native American" instead of "Other Race" on a few forms but mostly, we're left out. It's always strange to me to have to check that "Some Other" box and this poem hopefully reflects my feelings about it and offers a small glimpse into how I often feel the rest of the world views Indians. Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate everyone following along with my Napowrimo poems. 

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