Friday, April 28, 2017

Poetry - Two Poems #NaPoWriMo Day 28

Day 28:

by Jennifer Patino

"She has long nails,"
      I heard my mother's voice
A soft rustle;  sigh

"She's never been able to keep long nails."

It was like a coma
but I knew I could open my eyelids
      if only they weren't so
      oh, yes

I was a Medusa
hair replaced by wires hooked up to machines
      (they sucked the life out of me)
trying to find, yes, trying to find
the source
the spark
of my shocks

And who was looking down on me but me?

Alongside the others
surrounding the bedside

Sooner or later,
I can scarcely remember,
      everything faded to black


Said She
by Jennifer Patino

Said she:
I have two new boys
One likes long hair, one likes short
So what do I do?

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